The Paradox Bookstore

This eclectic used bookstore is actually the oldest used bookstore in West Virginia. It was opened by Tom Stobart 40 years ago when he was just twenty and a young playwright. As you walk up the few steps to the small store, you’ll notice that he stocks a bookshelf built into the wall right outside. There is a sign posted with wording to the effect that anyone needing a book may take one and pay later, exchange a book for a book or just take a book with no payment if you are in dire circumstances but with a desire to read.
There is also a sign stating the store’s hours which in a witty and almost poetic way convey the simple fact that they can change like the wind. But Tom’s there everyday I’ve stopped by and his hours seem to be better than most stores of this or that type. The books are placed in sections but there is no rhyme or reason within the sections which is simply fantastic. You may go in with the hope of finding something vaguely particular but those hopes will soon be replaced by the ecstasy of finding unsought jewels and new wonders that you never knew existed.

2228 Market Street
Wheeling, WV 26003