nat reg historic places Please, take time to look throughout our website and read more about what our Historic Shopping District has to offer. The Centre Market has antique shops, delis, salons, wine and coffees houses, live entertainment, and so much more! Continue to come back and see us!

No matter where you are from, regardless of your culture or heritage, we can all recollect a simpler place in time. Long before computers, cell phones, malls, and super stores. Do you remember when the local store owner knew your name, your parents, and your grandparents? We pride ourselves on giving the same hometown experience from long ago.
Reminisce the days of local corner stores, bakeries, and butcher shops. Join us in Downtown Centre Market to become familiar with these feelings once again.
Wheeling's Historic Centre Market, built in 1853, is older than the state itself. The Upper Market House is the eldest market house in the country. Local business owners in and around the Centre Market square strive to bring back the comfort of home.

Our eclectic mix of shops and eateries will enthrall you. Each establishment in the Centre Market has their own style and flair. Shop for your favorite handcrafted gifts and keepsakes at Wood-N-Stitches. Snatch a bargain at Roadrunner Computer Products; they have been serving the Valley for over 30 years. Swing by Artworks around town to view paintings created by local artists, hand crafted jewelry and pottery. Stop in and grab a bite to eat at The Soup Shack, their homemade soups and salad dressings are out of this world. Michael's Beef House has been creating sandwiches since 1968, specializing in the Big Mike and Little Mike. Pop by Valley Cheese for Amish meats, cheese, jams, and jellies, or have a deli sandwich sliced to your perfection. Maybe you would like to cruise through Coleman's Fish Market and catch a "famous" fish sandwich. But, don't forget about the sweet stuff! Top yourself off with some goodies from the Centre Market Bakery. They provide a plethora of homemade cookies and tarts while a taste of Oliver's Pies will remind you of what mom used to make. No matter what you like, a visit with us is sure to please.

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